Kortney Kane doctor adventures

Kortney Kane doctor adventures videos goes to a foot doctor to get her feet checked out. Kortney explains to her doctor that she harmed it offering a man a nice foot job. The poor doctoradventures is not aware of such an sex act, however finds it a bit intriguing. He heals Kortney’s feet in a couple of seconds after which guess what? To be fair, this sexy babe just found her doctor really interesting and she had her eyes on him for quite a while. And today she was going to get to have some sweet sex with him one way or another. So let’s just sit back and enjoy as this cute babe will be doing a nice foot job once more.

We can only hope that she didn’t hurt her feet one more time today, but we kind of wonder how she managed to do that in the first place. Well it may have been just a ruse to get the dock to examine her and for her to be naked, and it seems that it went smoothly. The doc inspected her leg and everything was fine, but then he saw that underneath that robe, the babe’s pussy was in clear sight. And well he figured out what she truly wanted. Sit back and watch miss Kane do a sexy little foot job for the dude and then watch her suck his cock and get herself fucked hard by him.

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